Family Law

Farley Law, LLC specializes in divorce, custody, adoption, support and Protection from Abuse matters. Within divorce, we specialize in mediated or uncontested divorce so that your marital assets are divided fairly giving you your fair share. We also work on dividing debts in a fair way as well. As for custody, there is no more important matter than the time you get to spend with your child. You can trust Farley Law, LLC to make sure your rights to your children are protected. We also represent grandparents in custody matters. We handle support matters when there are other matters involved (custody or divorce). Farley Law, LLC handles all kinds of adoptions and specializes in step-parent adoptions.

Prenuptial Agreements

Farley Law, LLC has prepared dozens of prenuptial agreements over the years. There are many details to be attended to in prenuptial agreements which only an experienced family lawyer will know about. Be careful when selecting someone to prepare your prenuptial agreement. You have worked too hard to risk it all.

Estate Matters

Farley Law, LLC specializes in preparation of Last Will & Testament and associated documents. Attorney Farley has been a Pennsylvania Notary Public for more than 20 years and can notarize your documents in the convenience of your own home. Attorney Farley has prepared hundreds of Wills and does so for a reasonable price. Additionally, Farley Law, LLC will prepare Power of Attorney, Living Wills and Heath Care Surrogacy documents upon request. Do not leave the transfer of your property to the government, have your Last Will prepared today. If a loved one has died, contact Farley Law, LLC to learn whether a probate matter must be opened at the Register of Wills for their Estate. Attorney Farley also prepares Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Filings, so contact the firm today.


Farley Law, LLC can handle all of your guardianship needs, whether you need guardianship of a minor or an incapacitated person. Attorney Farley will prepare the petition, correspond with the physician (if needed) and will protect your rights at guardianship hearing as well.